Corporate Consultant

January 17th, 2014

Corporate Consultant and Spokesperson — Selected Examples


Spokesperson/Educational Expert:  Five-city tour speaking and media tour to promote adopting savings and wiser use of debit and credit card use.

Member of Futuristic Multidisciplinary Team
:  Team members met with corporate executives to develop innovative ways to engage and deliver financial products.


Center for Financial Learning

Advisory Board Member:  Recruited to help develop content and promote a website devoted to financial education which would help brand General Electric as a financial services company.


Spokesperson/Media Expert:  Asked to develop a unique PR campaign to launch “Direct Pay” engaging consumers in a unique way about the benefits of this service.


National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE)

Program Development/Think Tank Leader:  Asked to develop and lead think tanks dedicated to exploring potential ways to help consumers become more financially literate for financial, mental health, and corporate leaders.  In the process, helped to develop white papers to share findings and helped to develop small books to educate the public.


Corporate Communication Consultant:  Asked to serve as part of the JP Morgan team as the expert in the psychology of financial and investment behavior for a five-year term. Dr. Gurney helped develop communication strategies and educational tools, including her Moneymax┬« Profiling System, for JP Morgan’s plan sponsors and 401k participants.  She also served on a select team of JP Morgan executives which made presentations to 100 Fortune 500 CFO’s across the nation.

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