January 17th, 2014
Discover Your Financial Personality Profile
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The Moneymax® Money Personality Profile gives you the knowledge and confidence to make compatible, goal-directed investment decisions. Dr. Kathleen Gurney, an expert in the psychology of financial behavior, developed the online program to help people identify and understand their “money personalities.” Moneymax® is an online questionnaire that can help you:

Discover how money affects you and how you affect money.

Understand your attitudes toward wealth and your tolerance for risk.

Gain the confidence and knowledge to develop an investment strategy that matches your unique money personality.

The Questionnaire is
What’s Included?

A Self-administered questionnaire that can be completed in just5 to 10 minutes.

The program instantly scores your answers to give you
fast and accurate results.

You are provided a
detailed profile that graphically represents and verbally interpretsyour score as financial traits in a jargon-free, easy-to-understand “Trait Evaluation”.

Thiscombination of traits is identified as one of nine general money management styles.

You are provided a “Money Action Plan”which offers an overview of the profile group as well as targeted suggestions for improving money management skills and achieving financial goals.


Knowing your money personality profile can help you make better financial and life-planning decisions.

“The Money Personality Profile developed by Dr. Kathleen Gurney is a unique and valuable tool in our industry. Financial beliefs are deeply ingrained; they are learned – not taught. ‘Moneymax®’ creates insight into our strengths and weaknesses, and, therefore, new choices on how to achieve financial success. A seasoned investor or neophyte can benefit from this valuable tool.”

Robert L. Harden
American Express Divisional Manager and host of show on WODS Radio Boston

“Kathleen’s research provides an essential level of financial self analysis. Her gift to us is the knowledge that financial success is more than accumulating wealth, but the emotional acknowledgment of the impact that money has on our lives.”

Mary Herzberg
CIMC, VP Investment Officer and Director on the Board of Dain Bosworth

Attain Financial and Personal Well-being
Take the Moneymax® Questionnaire Online and profit from your money personality.

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Moneymax Couples Report
Couples Report
Moneymax Couple Report

  • Increase compatibility in managing your money with your partner
  • Helps you to break through barriers and differences
  • Insure couple satisfaction in your money management and investing
  • Make smart money decisions together so you can make the best use of your money
Moneymax Book
Moneymax Book
Moneymax Book

Your Money Personality

Learn about the nine money personalities. Find out more about who you are and thousands of others like you in your group, how some succeed and what ultimately satisfies them.


Learn how to profit from personal financial traits and avoid costly pitfalls in your money management style with a proven and powerful tool. The questionnaire is easy and fun and only takes 5-10 minutes. Empower yourself with your customized money action plan.