Five Minute Guides – Financial Fitness for Couples

January 17th, 2014

1. Gather and organize financial facts into two categories:

a) What you can control and

b) What you cannot control

 2. Make a game plan for managing what you can control first and then

3. Brainstorm options for what you cannot control; i.e. what could be done, if anything, to manage uncontrollable factors.

4. Develop a game plan that includes small and manageable steps with short-term objectives. Small steps lead to big gains.

5. Keep current on your progress and communicate about the process and progress.

6. Develop a team perspective including both partners and relevant family members.

7. Communicate without blame or judgment of “right” or “wrong”. Develop a compatible way of working the plan to capitalize on a team perspective.

Moneymax Couples Report
Couples Report
Moneymax Couple Report

  • Increase compatibility in managing your money with your partner
  • Helps you to break through barriers and differences
  • Insure couple satisfaction in your money management and investing
  • Make smart money decisions together so you can make the best use of your money
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Moneymax Book
Moneymax Book

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