January 17th, 2014

Dr. Kathleen Gurney’s Books

Your Money Personality: What It Is and How You Can Profit from It – Revised 2009


You can be a winner with money when you understand how it works for you, what your “money personality” is, and how you can profit from it. Now, Dr. Kathleen Gurney shows you how to become more financially successful and satisfied by learning about the financial personality traits which affect how you earn, spend, save and invest money.

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Your Money Personality shows you how to:

  • Control money instead of allowing it to control you
  • Make investments that give you peace of mind as well as a piece of the action
  • Work smart as well as hard
  • Enjoy money whether you are making it, investing it, or spending it
  • Use money as a vehicle to assist you in realizing your goals and dreams

Find out if you are the:

entrepreneur Entrepreneur hunter Hunter
high_roller High Roller safety_player Safety Player
achiever Achiever perfectionist Perfectionist
money_master Money Master producer Producer
optimist Optimist

And how to make the most out of whoever you are!

Love and Money: 150 Financial Tips for Couples

Everyone can profit from these simple yet profound tips for successful financial relationships whether dating, living together, newlyweds, joining financial lives, starting a family, remarriage and general relationship skills for financial success. ORDER NOW!!


Moneymax Couples Report
Couples Report
Moneymax Couple Report

  • Increase compatibility in managing your money with your partner
  • Helps you to break through barriers and differences
  • Insure couple satisfaction in your money management and investing
  • Make smart money decisions together so you can make the best use of your money
Moneymax Book
Moneymax Book
Moneymax Book

Your Money Personality

Learn about the nine money personalities. Find out more about who you are and thousands of others like you in your group, how some succeed and what ultimately satisfies them.


Learn how to profit from personal financial traits and avoid costly pitfalls in your money management style with a proven and powerful tool. The questionnaire is easy and fun and only takes 5-10 minutes. Empower yourself with your customized money action plan.